• alt space | rules

alt space | rules

Be excellent to each other.

Leave the space 20% nicer than you found it.

Space usage

  • Use the public tools and public work tables however you want, but put your stuff away and clean up any remaining mess when you’re done. Leaving stuff overnight because you intend to come back next morning is not ok. Leave the space 20% neater and cleaner than you found it - this means cleaning a little of the mess that you didn’t make. ALTSpace is not responsible for your personal items left behind in public spaces - if you leave them laying around they will wander away and get lost and mixed up with public tools and used as such.
  • If the person before you didn’t clean up, dump all their stuff in their bin/storage space. If not clear whose stuff it is, put it in lost & found.
  • If you are going to use the space in a way that might impede other users - a work party, a class, an unusually big project - then you should mark it on the group calendar first so that everyone knows what to expect. Indicate which area you would like to reserve.
  • Personal tools and supplies go in a bin with your name on it. Supplies not in a named bin are free for all. Your bins should go on a storage shelf when you are done with them.
  • Please keep the door to the garage shut at all times. This prevents dust spreading into the main space and keep the heat in.
  • Can I sleep overnight at ALTSpace ? - Absolutely not.
  • Private storage areas, private work tables, and red-tagged tools are strictly off limits. Using someone else’s private supplies or tools without permission is seriously not OK - it is grounds for immediate eviction.

How to pay rent

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Please be swift and reliable when paying rent. ALTSpace is run as a non-profit organization and we have lots of bills to pay every month to keep the place running.

There are several options on how to pay rent.

  1. Set up a bank transfer directly into the ALTSpace Account. Let Kent know you have done this so he can ensure his accounting is up to date.
  2. Set up a regular PayPal payment: Go to http://www.altspaceseattle.com/memberships-rates/ , choose your membership level and click subscribe. You’ll then be asked to log into your paypal account and complete the steps as instructed.
  3. Put cash in a provided envelope, seal it and write your FULL NAME on it. Then put the envelope in the rent payment mailbox in the shop (it’s located on the wall right next to the door between the north and south space). We don’t accept personal checks - please use cash.
  4. If you miss two consecutive payments, your membership will be suspended until you have caught up with payments. If you have trouble keeping up with rent, please get in touch with us and let us know in advance.


  • ALTSpace has a first aid kit and several fire extinguishers. In case of minor incidents use them. Do not use CO2 fire extinguishers on persons.
  • In case of a serious medical emergency call 911. The closest hospital ER is the Swedish Hospital on 16th and Cherry - just 7 blocks west of ALTSpace.
  • In case of a serious fire - evacuate and call 911. Leave your stuff behind.
  • In case of flooding, building damage, electrical problems or problems with a machine or tool call or email (dep on urgency) one of the space managers (see below) - we’ll handle it with the landlord or come and try and fix the issue.

Large projects

  • If you intend to use the space for a large project that will need occupy space and common areas for more than a few days beyond your personal allocation you must check in with the shop management first. Please submit a detailed description of your project’s expected impact, it’s space requirements, a timetable for it’s completion and your plan how and when to clean up.
  • ALTSpace reserves the right to reject proposals if deemed too large for ALTSpace to reasonably handle as well as cancelling previously approved large projects if they go beyond their originally proposed scope. It’s important the the shop remain usable for others during the time of the project, especially common areas need to be kept clean and usable whenever not in active use.

Tool usage

  • Tag system: tools should be tagged with their owner’s name & number.
  • Blue tag/no tag = free for all
  • yellow = ask for instruction and permission first
  • red = ask for permission/supervision every time
  • If you break someone else’s tool:
  • If it is unmarked or tagged blue, the shop will reimburse you for repair or replacement, but it’s your responsibility to replace it or to have it fixed.
  • If the tool is tagged yellow, work it out with the tool’s owner. If you both agree that the breakage was a result of normal, long-term wear and tear, ask the managers to have the shop cover the cost. If the tool was used irresponsbily, you may be asked to pay for repair or replacement.
  • If the tool is marked red, work it out with the tool’s owner. The shop will not cover cost of repair or replacement for red-tagged tools.
  • Power tools which create loud noise, lots of dust, or grit may ONLY be used in the garage, with the interior door shut. This includes sanders, grinders, and saws, impact drivers, drills, hammering and MIG welding. (Clean TIG welding and light drilling are OK in the main area.) This is a condition of our lease and is not negotiable.
  • Power tools may only be used between 8 AM and 9 PM on weekdays, 9 AM and 10 PM on weekends or holidays. It is essential that we are considerate of our neighbors. After 9pm absolutely no noise should escape the space.


  • Wear safety goggles for all equipment that creates sparks or fast flying shards. Do not look into laser with remaining eye.
  • Wear ear protection when using or around all loud power tools (i.e. in the garage) - seriously its worth it. Your 70 year old self will thank you for preserving your hearing.
  • Wear dust mask when grinding/polishing/buffing etc. Inhaled particulate matter is really nasty on your lungs.
  • NEVER wear gloves, long sleeves, leave shirt tails out, jewelry of any kind, and restrain long hair while working on rotating machinery. - if they catch your hands or whatever will be pulled into the machine and mangled. Without gloves you will merely cut yourself.
  • Wear closed shoes in the shop.
  • When using a welder ensure the space either unoccupied or ensure appropriate light/UV blockage using a welding curtain. If working with other or other can potentially look at the arc, yell “Arc!” everytime you’re about to strike an arc. Make sure you turn off the shielding gas when you’re done.
  • Be sure to ensure any flammable gas cylinders are properly shut after use.

General responsibility

  • Clean up after yourself. Sweep. Clean surfaces. Leave the space like you would like to find it + 20% (to account for subjectivity). Don’t be picky about who left what, do a little extra.
  • Change the space however you want, provided your change can be undone in less than two hours without spending any money. Conversely, don’t get annoyed when other people make their own changes.
  • Be nice to the other shop users. If you’re annoying people, despite following the rules to the letter, you should still probably find a way to change your behavior.
    We reserve the right to terminate anyone's membership if we feel that they are severely impacting other people's ability to be productive and creative at the space.
  • Don’t waste the board’s time with managerial bullshit. We are here to make art, not rules. If you cause a problem we would have to solve by making a new rule, we will kick you out instead.


  • Mark your precious materials with red tape & name if you don’t want others to use them. Materials laying around, not in labelled bins without labels etc are free for anyone to use so don’t get annoyed if your plank of mahogany got cut up if it wasn’t marked private. Put small cuttings of wood/steel/plastic etc in general materials bins, these can come handy for various odd jobs.
  • The shop will keep general cleaning supplies on hand. A list of these items will be posted in the kitchen. If you use the last of one of these items, please replace it; save the receipt and you will be reimbursed from shop funds.


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